Race Rules

  • Accepting Birds March 1st thru May 16
  • Replacements till May 31
  • Loft Limit 300 Birds
  • Non-refundable perch fee due with the birds
  • $100 per bird
  • 6 birds for $500
  • Race fee will be $225 per bird, $25 from every entry goes towards average speed.
  • Fee must be received within 10 days of the first 100 mile toss
  • If fee is not received within 10 days, birds will be sold to the first person to pay the fee and bird ownership will immediately transfer for all prizes, etc
  • Schedule will be set at a later date with tentative plans for races to be flown in Oct/Nov
  • 4 race series – 150/200/250/325
  • 150 mile race is for average speed only
  • 200 mile race pays first 3 spots in the clock
  • 250 mile race pays first 3 spots in the clock
  • 325 mile – 1st drop then clocking order
  • Average speed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th based on 100 birds going to the first race
  • All birds will remain the property of the breeder/owner
  • Birds will be shipped to the owner for $60 fee.
  • Additional fees may apply for multiple birds
  • 15% will be withheld for expenses
  • Clock-in ties will split prizes equally
  • Owners must be 18 years old to enter the race.
  • All Issues will be resolved by Loft Manager’s decision

Lunch will be provided at the 325 mile race with paid entry

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